Becoming More Generous

It's impossible to have an open mind and a closed fist. Generosity requires an open mind, requires that we put ourselves in others' shoes, requires that we see that reality for some is different than the reality we may personally experience. 

If you want to be more generous, make sure that you haven't inadvertently built an echo chamber around you.

Read news from reputable outlets that may not be part of your usual routine or that may be to the right or left of your views.

Follow trustworthy people on Twitter or Facebook who you respect but may not always agree with.

Listen to the stories and perspectives of people who have lived life very differently than you have. 

Staying insulated with stories and news that are comfortable and familiar is a surefire way for your generosity muscle to atrophy and to only ever give from a place of superiority that views others as projects to be worked on or improved.

Being willing to listen to others and acknowledge their experiences as valid empowers you to give from a place that affirms dignity in a fellow human being.

Originally published 2013