Why New Year's Resolutions Are Worth Setting

I love it when a year changes over to the next. I especially love New Year's Eve and New Year's Day because people all over the world embrace the concept of a clean slate and a fresh start. They are international days of optimism and the energy is contagious.

New year's resolutions get a bad rap. Some people claim that they never keep them so they just give up on setting them. Other people claim that resolutions are an example of not being content with who we are or failing to embrace our flaws. I find, though, that wanting to change and be better stems not from a lack of self-esteem, but rather a desire to use some of the untapped potential that we know exists in us.

This is healthy. If I am the same exact person I was a year ago it means that I've gone twelve months without learning anything:

  • Nothing from books.

  • Nothing from conversations with friends and colleagues.

  • Nothing from a thoughtfully made TV program or movie.

  • Nothing from a joyful (or difficult) experience.

This results in a boring life. Our one over-arching resolution should always be to be a better person by this time next year.

You can't outsource potential and the thing about your potential is that you're the only one who can reach it. Success changes the dynamics of relationships more often than failure does and I'm convinced that we usually self-sabotage out of a fear of success rather than a fear of failure.

As the old saying goes, "People stay in hell because the street signs are familiar." Don't waste your potential just because the people around you may be wasting theirs. Change and growth are hard work, but worth it.

Originally published January 2012

Why 'Stay In Your Lane' Is Terrible Advice

99% of the time someone tells you to "stay in your lane" you can rightfully interpret it as, "Your talent and/or success threatens me and I'm afraid I'm becoming irrelevant because of it." 

Should you try to be all things to all people or a "Jack of all trades"? No, and that's not what this is about.

If your skillset allows you to pursue new opportunities that make sense for your brand, your family, and your goals, go after them. You don't need permission from those who would rather see you fail or, worse, coast along in joyless mediocrity.

Your goals belong to you and ambition is not a dirty word. You don't need your competitors to sign off on your business plan. 

Originally published April 2014

Improve Your Team's Performance + Increase Your Profits

Bella Bridesmaids' annual retreat for their franchise owners

Bella Bridesmaids' annual retreat for their franchise owners

One of my favorite parts of my job is helping companies improve their team's performance and increase their profits by providing training and strategic insight to their staff during their annual retreats. 

In the wedding industry, most annual retreats often happen during the months of November - February, at the end of the year after the October rush of weddings, or in the first two months before the new year truly gets underway. Both seasons give business owners a chance to give their teams the opportunity to relax and further bond as a team, review what worked and what didn't over the past year, and set a strategic plan for the year to come.

I highly recommend making time for an annual retreat, whether you have a team or not. If you're a solopreneur, even just taking a weekend by yourself at a hotel or AirBnB 90 minutes away can help you disconnect from your familiar routine so that you can spend some focused time on setting goals and planning how you will successfully achieve them next year.

If you are looking to bring in outside expertise to your retreat, I'd love to help. I've personally trained thousands of wedding, event, tourism, and hospitality industry pros from around the world over the years and lead strategic sessions for annual retreats for multiple companies each year. 

Because it's August, people are busy finalizing details for Q4 of 2018, including their end of the year retreats. If you're interested in strategic guidance, team training, leadership development, or giving your staff a deeper dive into the topics you may have heard me speak on at a conference, you can drop me a line here. I'd love to chat with you.